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Driveline Services



Our differential gear service consists of diagnostic inspection, repair or replacement of damaged gears, bearings, axles, and seals. The drive axles on a front wheel drive vehicle are commonly referred to as CV axles. The axle boot is the common point of failure. This allows the lubricant to leak out. When the lubricant is all gone from the axle boot, the CV joint starts to make a loud crunching noise. You will be able to identify this noise during your turns. If you hear any kind of noise from the drive axles in a front or rear wheel drive, trust Bob's Transmission to  diagnose and repair the problem.

Bob's Transmissions offers maintenance, repair, and rebuilt transfer cases for your four-wheel drive (4WD) and all wheel drive (AWD) car, truck, or recreational vehicle. Traditional 2-wheel drive vehicles have a single drive shaft that turns just two of the tires. The transfer case connects a second drive shaft to another pair of tires in 4x4 and AWD vehicles.

Get the low down on the best yet most affordable repairs at Bob's Transmission.



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