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The West Michigan area is not known for the best public transportation system, which is why most Michigan families require at least one car, and often due to conflicting work and school schedules, multiple vehicles are often a necessity. At times, our hard-working vehicles wear out or break down. Since most people are not skilled in transmission diagnostics, you need to rely on a trustworthy repair shop - and in the West Michigan area, that would be us - Bob's Transmissions! 


Bob's Transmissions has been a part of the community for more than 30 years and has been the choice for many families for all of their “Transmission Repair & Rebuilt Needs.” When your transmission shows warning signs for potential issues, do not prolong a visit to a qualified transmission shop. Immediately head for a reliable transmission center, such as Bob's Transmissions. Your first step is to find a reasonable and fair estimate based on the cost of labor, repair, and/or needed parts.


At Bob's, we are truly Transmission Repair/Rebuild Experts, and have the experience, know-how and the state of the art diagnostic equipment needed to assure proper diagnosis and repair. We offer free diagnostics on your vehicle with no obligation. Because we are a specialized transmission center, you can rely on us for our expertise and fair and competitive pricing. 

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